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Bharathy Day

On one special day every year, Jaffna College students celebrate Bharathy Day.  Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathy was born into the Hindu faith in 1882. When he died in 1921, he left an incredible legacy as a forward thinker, and a renowned poet of Tamil nationalism and Indian freedom. Bharathiy’s poetic gifts were obvious by age eleven.

During his life, Bharathy worked as a schoolteacher, journal editor and Tamil poet, giving new life to the Tamil language.  He was deeply involved in Indian freedom struggles.  He knew many languages, but referred to Tamil, the language he truly loved, as his “mother”.  He was a Hindu but campaigned vigorously against the caste system, seeing all peoples as “one”. He was accepting of others’ spiritual beliefs.  He promoted education, and women’s rights. He immersed himself in political activity and writing.  He was a man of the people who suffered hardship and poverty for his beliefs.

Bharathy Day at Jaffna College celebrates the life and work of this great man with songs, drama and poetry.

English Day

From its early days, Jaffna College has always had a commitment to English Language teaching and learning.  The civil war years saw a decline in English-speaking at Jaffna College and most classes are now conducted in Tamil, but there is still a high and growing interest in competing and doing well in the annual English Day competitions organised by the Department of Education.  Competitions are conducted at a zonal, district and provincial level, and over the years have included Dictation, Creative writing, Copy Writing, Recitation, Story Telling, Solo Acting, Action Song, Oratory and Drama.  The commitment and extra efforts of Jaffna College teachers have helped many students achieve success in annual English Day competitions.


  1. Badge enrolment – 36
  2. Weekly Meeting – Every Tuesday
  3. Baden Bowell day celebration was held on 22nd of February, 2013 and cubs performed dramas and songs.

Little Friends

  1. Sylvanna Miss. A. Jeyajothi Ganesan
  2. Meets every Tuesdays
  3. On.Roll : 30

Literary Association

The Academy, the Brother hood, the Forum, the Lyceum and the class activities are held regularly and they all had their year-end socials in 2013 with enthusiasm and enjoyment.
The annual academy lunch held on the 24th February 2013 was presided over by Miss. Raveendra Gayathiri . Mr. Sathasivam Amirthalingam, National College of Education of Jaffna. was the chief Guest. Dr. R. Senthooran was the special guest.
Our thanks are due to the staff advisors of the Academy Mr. T. Sivashamuganathan Mrs. Komala Theivendram, Mr. S. S. Karunaithas and Mr. A. C. Francis for conducting its activities successfully.
We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all the teachers in charge of all the other Literary Associations for their counsel and time devoted in the development of the students’ personality.

Science, Commerce & Arts Day

The advanced Level Science, Commerce and Arts Unions celebrated their Annual Day very well. A magazine “Ariviyal Aruvi” was released by the Science Union on that day. “Minnal” a news letter and “Vanika Theepam” magazine were released by the Commerce Union. “Kalaikathir” a hand written magazine was released by the Arts Union.

We wish to thank staff advisors of the respective unions. Mr. T. Sivashanmuganathan. Mr. P. Loganathan, Mr. S. S. Karunaithas, Rev. P. Thevarasa and Mr. J. C. Nimalan for their time and counsel.


The canteen has been reorganized and more facilities had been added to improve the services to the students. The Y.M.C.A. runs a Daycare Centre in Varany in collaboration with the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India.
We wish to thank Mr. J. C. Nimalan the President, Mrs. Gladys Nirmala and all the members of the Y.M.C.A. Board for their active involvement in the life of the College.

College Band

Our students continue to play many instruments and the College Band has performed at many functions at College.  Our Senior School Band performed well at our Inter House Athletic meet. Our thanks are due to Mrs. E. T. Jeyarajan for training the band.

Ghanthi Mandram

The Primary school students  celebrates the Gandhi Day every year.  It was held on 2nd October 2013.  Many meaningful items was staged by the kids of the Primary School.  Principal Dr. N. A. Vimalendran and Mrs. Anoja  Vimalendran  were the Chief Guests.