Endowments & Scholarship


Five students are being helped to pursue University education. Each student is given 590 Euro per month. The candidates who benefit by this programme are :

  1. Kumarasamy Jonnyregan, 2nd year Jaffna University
  2. Thusyanthy Ragunathan, 3rd year Jaffna University
  3. Sinnathamby Komalatharan, 3rd year Jaffna University
  4. Thilaxana Paramanathan, 3rd year Jaffna University
  5. Paheerathan Tharshan, 2nd year Jaffna University
  • Jaffna College Alumni Association – Canada

Mellennium Boarding Scholarship:

As informed last year this scholarship programme is fully sponsored by the Alumni Association of Canada. All these scholarships are Boarding Scholarships allocated for deserving students for a year and to be reviewed at the end of each year.

  • Jaffna College Alumni Association Colombo

Students who got the best results at G.C.E.(O/L) examination were felicitated with cash gifts at the prize giving.

Trust Fund was formed officially on the 13th June, 2009 and the proceeds are being used for the needs of the College including scholarships of the above nature.

  • Jaffna College Alumni Association – Australia

One University Scholarship was awarded for a deserving student for one year and it will be reviewed at the end of every year.

  • Jaffna College Alumni Association – London

A loan system was launched by the London Branch for the Minor employees and this loan is administered by the Staff Benefit Fund Society of the College since they also run a similar loan system to the staff of College.

On behalf of the staff and administration we extend our sincere thanks to the Presidents, Secretaries, treasurers and to the respective members for their loyalty and concern showered towards their Alma mater. We will still urge your fullest co-operation financially in the development programme of the College and I hope in the years to come the Alumni all a round the globe will focus their fund raising projects towards the needs and the development programmes of the College. Your whole heated support in this respect is very much solicited.