S.NAVARANGAN Scores 155 runs

After 7 years Jaffna college cricket player S.NAVARANGAN SCORED 155 RUNS NOT OUT IN 257 BALLS against Skandavarodaya college at Bicknell field on...
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An Innovative Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers

The Jaffna College Board has arranged a series of seminars for Jaffna College and Uduvil Girls College teachers every month on Friday evenings...
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Peace Education Seminar

An important initiative of the United Board arranged by the Madras Christian College took place at Jaffna College on January 15-19.  The Madras...
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Parents Meet with Teachers

On February 5th 2018, Jaffna College had its first meeting for the year for parents of Grade 6 and 7 parents. The Vice Principals are responsible...
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Mr. Ramesh Rajendra

Long-standing member of staff Mr. Ramesh Rajendra passed away on 23rd December 2017.  He was a teacher at the Jaffna College Technical Institute for...
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STEPPING UP – Jaffna College Alumni E-News

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Beyond the Veil in 2016 – 2017

Prof.Balan Selliah

Son of the late National Principal K.A.Sellia. Alumnus. Prof.Statistics. Founding member of the Round Table and staff Beneficiary Fund. Died 2nd July 2016 in Canada.

Alvapillai Rajasingam B.Sc

Vice Principal of Jaffna College. Joined the staff in 1951 and retired in 1985. Died on 14th August 2016

Vinothini - Paul

Principal’s wife (2000 – 2003). Taught western music in Primary and Nursery. Died on 09th October 2016.


Alumnus. Temporary English teacher Joined the staff in 1993 and retired in 2004. Died on 26th November 2016.

Dr.(Mrs.) Chandra Ambalavanar

Alumnus. Bishop amma (1970 – 1993) Served the Board twice. Died on 22nd February 2017.

Maniccam Vettivel

Joined in 1978. B.Sc. was as at St.Thomas teacher before joining Jaffna College. Hastings house master. Retired in 1993 and Died on 03rd March 2017.

Students Population – 2017

Grade No. On Roll Total
Boys Girls
Primary (Gr. 1 – 5) 263 245 508
Junior Secondary Gr. 6 – 9) 193 168 361
Senior Secondary (Gr. 10 & 11) 120 95 215
Advance Level 99 117 216
Total 1300